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Corporate Strategic Planning

Work with Organizational Leaders to formulate comprehensive one, three, and five-year company plans. Once finalized, work with team leaders to initiate, carry out, and continually monitor critical goals.

Corporate Structure Review


Collaborate with Executive Leadership on Corporate Structure and ensure departmental lead responsibilities coincide with strategic plans.

Project Lead 

Project Lead.webp

Project lead initiatives such as-

♦  Compliance

Provide a Compliance operational workflow evaluation along with recommendations on improved practices.

♦  RISK Management

Evaluate incident reporting, property, and individual insurance losses, and identify training opportunities. Work with owners on property insurance negotiations.

♦  Emergency Plans

Work with a 3rd party on a Corporate Emergency/Disaster Plan and Site Emergency Plans.

♦  Refresh Policies and Procedures

Work with a designated internal team on updating policies and procedures.

♦ HR turnover and hiring practices

Analyze turnover and hiring practices and make recommendations; facilitate workman’s comp and employee benefits annual negotiations.

Interim Executive Leadership


Act in an interim President, COO or VP role to ensure all expected duties, projects, and daily duties are executed.



Assist with Recruiting and Permanent Placement needs.

Asset Management


In-depth financial review of property performance revenue maximization opportunities and expense analysis, and assist with National Procurement contracts.

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